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The Orpheus Gauche is street performance unit by Hitoshi Washizu('Cello&Key.) and Dan Kumasawa(Accordeon&Vo.). We play everywhere , say the school festivals ,Chirstmas street performance at "Omotesando(Tokyo)", clubs ,dinner show,restaurant, wedding party , specially monthly live at Bluegrass Inn Jimbocho Tokyo. Our music is almost all original ,so I can't explain you how they are,so

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MXTV ON AIR 12 Feb. 1999!
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Hitoshi Washizu's unit ,and Dan Kumasawa's Solo Live.
About us
there are some basical information.
Snapshot & Poster
My English is not so well, so please look our pictures and feel how we are.
Enjoy our sounds.
Not translated yet.
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Sorry for not all the translasion is completed.

H.Matsumoto Selection!
Rock musician H.Matsumoto's corener.

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